So, we’re really doing this




After years of dreaming, months of planning, and days of stressing we’re finally ready to try this whole selling our own coffee thing. 

 If you know Richard, you know that when I asked him if we should have an “about us” on the website he waved his hand and said “I don’t want people knowing about me” so here’s a blog post about it instead 😉

Richard and I met in Portland Oregon where we both fell in love with the coffee scene. With my humble beginnings at B Street Coffee House and his with home roasting and then going on to working at his dream shop, Heart Coffee, we both knew that coffee was always going to somehow be tied into our lives.

After moving to San Francisco in April of 2018 we sat down and made a plan. Since then, we’ve been roasting every weekend, dialing in our profiles, and getting things ready for today. While all of our branding is temporary, we just couldn’t wait to get our coffee out there. 

We still have a long way to go before our dream of opening a shop, but we’re excited to start sharing our journey with you all! 

Flashlight Coffee: roasting okay coffee since 2018

Richard Torres